Steak Tartare

By Chef Kheshav Gooriah

From a French Brasserie to your table, this recipe delivers bold, savoury, and classic flavours in every bite…

30 min cook time

Serves 2

Why we like it

With just a few ingredients and minimal effort, you can enjoy the charm of a French brasserie without ever leaving the comfort of home.

The raw steak's richness, complemented by the sharpness of mustard, the tartness of cornichons, and the creaminess of an egg yolk, deliver an irresistible combination of flavours and textures like no other dish.

Whether it’s shared as an appetizer or a lighter entrée, impress your guest(s) by serving this fancy yet easy-to-prepare dish with toasted croutons, crackers, French fries, or salty potato chips, and complement your steak tartare with extra mustard, crunchy raw vegetables, and even slices of avocado!


2 servings

Preparation Notes

Steak tartare is often made with tenderloin, but we find that eye of round offers a lean, tender, and more affordable option for this dish.

When handling raw beef, it's crucial to keep it chilled throughout the preparation process.

After dicing the steak, transfer it to a small bowl placed on top of another bowl filled with ice to maintain freshness.

It's also worth noting that this dish is best enjoyed immediately and should not be made in advance.

Making the recipe

  1. Step 1


    • Trim any excess fat from the steak, then slice against the grain to create thin strips.
    • Dice the strips into 1/4-inch cubes and transfer them to a small bowl nested in a larger bowl filled with ice, and allow the meat chill.
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  2. Step 2


    • Set the egg yolk into the middle of the mixture and squeeze some lemon juice over the yolk to help ‘cook’ it.
    • Drizzle olive oil onto the beef and add both the whole grain and Dijon mustard. Softly stir to emulsify the mixture.
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  3. Step 3


    • Dice the cornichons, mince the shallot, and chop the capers. Add them to the bowl with the diced steak.
    • Sprinkle in the Aleppo pepper and gently fold to incorporate.
    • Taste and season with salt and pepper.
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  4. Step 4


    • Top with chopped parsley and chives.
    • If the mixture requires more moisture, drizzle in additional olive oil.
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  5. Step 5


    • For a more traditional plating, mold the steak tartare into a ramekin or a round cookie cutter, then present it on its serving plate.
    • For a more modern presentation, form oval-shaped quenelles by transferring equal portions back and forth between two spoons.
    • Garnish with any reserved vegetables and/or mustards.
    • Chill for 10 minutes or serve immediately.