Waffle Birthday Cake

By Chef Max Straczek

Even it’s not your birthday… you’ll wanna lick the frosting off this easy-to-make waffle cake…

30 min cook time

Serves 4

Why we like it

Who says you can’t have your waffle cake… and eat it too?

We’ve elevated the store-bought birthday cake mix by creating golden brown and crispy layers covered in sweet and sprinkled store-bought frosting, for less than $10!

Packaged cake mixes (and frostings) come in many different flavours, so feel free to adapt this recipe to celebrate special occasions and life happenings with other flavours you enjoy.

Why not a red velvet waffle cake for Valentine's Day? Or a carrot waffle cake for Easter? Perhaps a lemon waffle cake for spring, or a strawberry waffle cake for summer?


4 servings

Preparation Notes

Yes, we follow 'most' of the instructions listed on the package, and yes, we are not reinventing the cake stand by using a store-bought mix.

But celebrations are supposed to be fun, so why not start someone’s special day off with a waffletastic breakfast that’s deliciously easy to make?

Also, we often want to keep our waffles warm so that any added butter has a chance to melt into all of the pockets. However, with a waffle cake, you'll want to let each layer cool before applying the frosting.

Making the recipe

  1. Step 1


    • Preheat the waffle maker.
    • Empty the cake mix into a large bowl.
    • Add the water, oil, and eggs to the bowl with the cake mix.
    • Stir or whisk the wet and dry ingredients together until smooth.
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  2. Step 2


    • Generously spray the inside of the waffle maker with cooking oil.
    • Pour a ladle-full of batter evenly into the waffle maker and securely close the lid.
    • Cook until golden brown, about 5-6 minutes.
    • Carefully transfer cooked waffles to a wire rack, and allow to cool for 10 minutes.
    • Repeat to make four waffles total.
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  3. Step 3


    • Once cooled, place one waffle at a time onto a serving plate, and evenly cover with frosting.
    • Continue to stack each layer, ensuring each waffle’s pattern is lined up with the one underneath.
    • Generously cover the outside with frosting, finish with sprinkles, and if you’re celebrating, place a candle on top!