Meet Our Producers

To ‘Make Life Delicious,’ L'OCA Quality Market doesn't have to look much further than our own backyard! Let's meet some of our producers.

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Mans Chickens/Eggs 1
Free-Range Chickens


First hatched in 2011, Mans Eggs takes eggs to a whole new level!

The eggs you use for cooking, baking, breakfast, lunch, or supper were laid by free-range hens, who are given the choice to be indoors during windy or rainy days and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors on warm sunny days.

To ensure consistency from one dozen to the next, Mans chickens are fed a GMO-Free certified diet of wheat, peas, alfalfa meal, and layer hen minerals.

Happy hens lay healthy eggs!
Lakeside Farmstead Cheese
Fresh Farm Cheese


Locally crafted in Sturgeon County, Lakeside Farmstead Cheese uses their own single-source milk.
Now under its third generation, the Nonay family continues to operate and expand Lakeside Farmstead with a commitment to the highest standards.
From quality compost, which helps produce healthy soil, which nurtures the crops, which feeds the animals, which creates delicious tasting cheese, L’OCA Quality Market is excited to serve locally and sustainably produced Lakeside Farmstead farm fresh cheese on our table and yours.

Nonay Approved Cheese
North Country Beef
Angus/Hereford ‘Black Baldy’ Crossbreed


L’OCA Quality Market, ORO and PYRO are honoured to have Whitecourt, Alberta’s North Country Beef on our menus.
North Country oversees an Angus/Hereford ‘Black Baldy’ crossbreeding program, which consistently produces premium marbled beef that ranks within the top 2% in all of Canada!
With a longer, slower feeding and finishing period, ranging between 18-30 months, North Country allows for natural growth and produces the highest quality, heavier, and better muscled animal.

Consistency in the pasture equals consistency on the plate!
Fazenda Riacho Das Varas
The Hirofumi family farm - 1,100m above sea level


At L’OCA Quality Market, we aim to source locally whenever possible, but sometimes we have to journey a little further to deliver the finest coffee beans. 

Fazenda Riacho Das Varas is a multi-generational coffee farm in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Since 1975, the Hirofumi family has taken sustainable production methods, and quality seriously. Their dedication has resulted in healthy and fertile land, perfect for growing exceptional coffee year after year.

Our coffee beans are grown at over 1,100m above sea level.


Tortilla Chips
L'OCA Label Tortilla Chips

Each and every irresistible L'OCA tortilla chip is produced by our friends at El Mercado, located in Edmonton's southside, using a traditional dough of finely ground masa and water, with no oil added.

Our tortilla chips are cut by customized spinners, then baked (not fried) in an oven reaching temperatures up to 1000ºC!

These hot, crunchy, and crispy chips then cool down on a series of conveyor belts before being sprinkled with spices and flavourings, and packaged by hand and shipped out the same day!

Gluten-free, trans-fat-free, and cholesterol-free tortilla chips!

Partner with L'OCA

L’OCA Quality Market strives to partner with local family farms that share our commitment to quality. We're always looking for great additions to our shelves, especially from local producers!

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