L'OCAbulary Guide To Coffee

We take our coffee seriously, very seriously! Elevate your daily ritual with extraordinary coffee beans to match you palate...

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L’OCA Quality Market has forged direct and ongoing relationships with multi-generational Specialty Coffee farmers to ensure that each bean is selected at origin, fully traceable and grown with care before we unlock their unique characteristics by roasting them in-store.

Origin Notes

Each cup, even from the same origin, can be a journey. To help you navigate this flavourful adventure, here's a broad look at the possibilities...

Fruity | Nutty | Chocolatey | Sweet Acidity
Full-Bodied | Rich Cocoa Flavour | Bright | Clean Finish
Light | Bright | Fruity | Floral | Clean | Crisp
Aromatic | Smooth | Toffee | Milk Chocolate | Vanilla
Breakfast Blend (often a blend from Brazil or Colombia)
Bright Acidity | Medium Body | Nutty Undertones | Balanced Flavours
Dark | Balanced | Medium to Full Body | Sweet | Fruity | Clean Finish

The Perfect Cup

: Extra coarse, the size of sea salt.
Preparation: Steep ground coffee in cold or room temperature water using a 1:5 coffee to water ratio for 12-24 hours. Then, strain to separate liquid from coffee grounds, and chill before serving.
Profile: Smooth, mellow, less acidic, and higher caffeine content.

Grind: Coarse, the size of kosher salt.
Preparation: Add ground coffee to the French press, pour boiling water, stir, cover with the lid, and allow to steep for about four minutes. Press down the plunger, and enjoy!
Profile: Bold and full-bodied with rich and pronounced flavours.

Grind: Medium, the size of coarse sand.
Preparation: Insert a paper filter into the basket of an automatic drip coffee maker. Add 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water into the filter. Fill the coffee maker with your desired amount of water, and start the brewing process.
Profile: Balanced, medium-bodied, and well-rounded cup.

Grind: Medium to medium-fine, the size of coarse sand.
Preparation: Place ground coffee in a cone-shaped filter over a coffee pot or carafe. Slowly pour boiling water in a circular motion to saturate the grounds, allowing them to 'bloom.'
Profile: Balanced, medium-bodied, and well-rounded cup.

Grind: Fine, the size of powdered sugar.
Preparation: Fill the portafilter basket with ground coffee, tamp down the grounds evenly and firmly, attach the portafilter to the espresso machine, and run the machine to allow hot pressurized water to pass through and extract a concentrated shot of espresso.
Profile: An intense, rich shot of coffee, often with a golden-brown layer of crema.

Grind Size

Better match your grind to your brewing method with a closer look...