L'OCABULARY Guide To Citrus

When life gives you citrus, squeeze all you can out of it!

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Under the rind


Available in a variety of vibrant hues, add a burst of tartness, a hint of sweetness, and a lot of nutritional goodness to beverages, salads, and breakfasts.

Navel Oranges

Sweet, seedless, and slightly bitter, the most common variety of oranges, with their distinctive belly-button-like mark, are perfect for eating out of hand, in salads, or to brighten dishes.


While technically not an orange, beneath the soft, easy-to-peel skin of a Mandarin lies a small but powerfully juicy pop of sweetness—perfect as a snack or in salads.

Blood Oranges

Beneath a thick rind lies dark red flesh, a balance of sweet, tart, and hints of floral and raspberries. Cut into ‘supremes’ to elevate both sweet and savory dishes.


Vibrantly yellow, zesty, and highly acidic, lemons add a refreshing tang to beverages and brighten most culinary creations, especially those with fish or seafood.


Green, small, and usually seedless, limes are sweeter and less acidic than lemons. They also pair really well with ceviche, guacamole, and many alcoholic beverages.


Before juicing your citrus, grab a zester or grater!
Zest, the colourful outer layer of the rind, is packed with essential oils and can add even more citrusy zing!
But grate lightly though, to avoid the white pith, which can be add a bitter, undesirable taste.