L'OCABULARY Guide To Bread

Breaking (down) bread: a look at the crust, crumb, and everything in between of some popular picks of the staff of life...

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A bubbling ‘mother’ teeming with wild yeasts, sourdough exemplifies the simple yet powerful magic of slow fermentation.

Rustic and tangy with a satisfying chew and blistered crust.


From Paris to Ho Chi Minh City, the long, slender baguette, with its angled slashes on top to vent steam and create a crispier crust, is an iconic staple enjoyed around the world.


Its signature braids, which look like arms, are intended to symbolize love and unity.

Traditionally served on the Sabbath and other Jewish celebrations, but also great for French toast & sandwiches!


Hailing from Eastern Europe to conquer breakfast tables worldwide, these chewy round rolls topped with everything, sesame seed, poppy seed, or cinnamon raisin, and enjoyed plain, schmeared with cream cheese, or loaded with savoury toppings.


These flat and elongated Italian ‘slippers’ are the perfect vehicle for holding all your favourite fillings. Grill it to make a panini, dunk it in soup and stews; or toast it for a fantastic bruschetta base.