All About Caprese Salad

Often, the simplest ingredients create the most delicious meals.
Dig into the freshness of an iconic Italian salad that isn't shy about its patriotism.

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Was it an Italian stoneworker, the founder of Futurism, or an exiled Egyptian king who first ‘created’ this beloved dish that’s enjoyed worldwide?
Although we can’t identify with certainty the true origins of Insalata [in-sah-LAH-tah] Caprese [kah-PREH-zeh], we do know that it comes from the island of Capri, just off the coast of Naples, and it’s core ingredients (the green of the basil, white of the mozzarella, and the red from the tomatoes) are meant to resemble the Italian flag, aka ‘il Tricolore’.

Reimagining A Classic

Caprese Salad’s characteristic combination of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil has been repurposed in countless ways that go beyond the salad plate.
Many clever chefs have come up with new variations using the same ingredients to create Caprese pizza, Caprese sandwiches, Caprese pasta, and even Caprese empanadas!
In the summertime, Chef Paul Moran, Culinary Director at L’OCA Quality Market is known to prepare his own version of Caprese salad, but encourages all chefs to follow their own personal tastes.

Chef Paul's Twist

A delightful appetizer or a perfect complement to your main course, a Caprese is a salad that you're going to enjoy with a knife and a fork.
Chef Paul elevates his Caprese Salad by substituting mozzarella with fresh burrata, bursting with a creamy interior that, when sliced, helps to create a luscious dressing on top of a bounty of vine-ripened, cherry, heirloom, and baby tomatoes.

His dressing features one of his favourite ingredients, a Greek olive oil (an interesting, but personal choice for an Italian dish), along with chives for a peppery touch, and a thinly sliced Italian long hot chilli for a kick.
Whether you follow Chef Paul’s version below or create your own with a balsamic glaze, olives, pesto, arugula, or your own favourite additions, Caprese Salad is a simple yet vibrant Italian creation.

Caprese Salad: one Chef Paul Moran's all-time favourites

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